Guernica – The Symbol of Democracy

Why was Guernica considered a special place? Guernica had long been the center, historically and spiritually, of the Basques in Spain. Guernica had also been known around the world as a town steeped in the tradition of harmonious politics. In addition to those reasons, the bombing and destruction Guernica received during Spain’s Civil War seemed … More Guernica – The Symbol of Democracy


My Spoonerisms A spoonerism occurs when you accidentally transpose words or sounds while speaking, often inadvertently for a humorous effect. I will illustrate the definition more clearly with the stories of my 2 hilarious spoonerisms. Spoonerism 1 I was driving home from work to the south end (Flint, MI) apartment I had with my husband, … More Spoonerisms

Weather Stories

I have lived in Michigan my whole life. It is a very beautiful state, with thousands of lakes, rivers and creeks and with millions of acres of deep woods and forests. Both of our peninsulas are almost completely surrounded by 4 of the 5 Great Lakes. For those people who have never visited Michigan or … More Weather Stories