Emotional Garbage

Every person carries emotional garbage. It consists of both garbage unfairly given to them by other people and garbage we each create. It’s just the amount of trash and what they do with it that varies from person to person.

Some people try to compost their garbage into positive things such as good lessons learned, and self-awareness that helps to improve themselves and their lives.

Some people clutch their trash tightly to themselves, reluctant to let it go, never able to let anyone near because the stench drives others away. Their garbage, harmful as it is, is familiar to them so they never deal with it. They allow it to weigh them down and slow them down because the pain of looking too close at their emotional garbage is scarier than the familiar burden.

Some people constantly blame everyone else for the garbage they create and unfairly try leaving their trash bags on someone else’s doorstep. And some people try to do all of the above.

But the ways we handle the emotional garbage that we all collect shows how healthy we are in our hearts and in our souls. And our emotional healthiness then shines through by how we treat ourselves and how we treat others.

Jeneane Behme, January 4, 2006


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