Snow Angels

Everyone we meet, no matter for how short or long their connection, will leave pieces of themselves behind within us. Some of them will flash quickly through our lives, leaving just traces of memories, like the lingering sparks left by a shooting star in a night sky.

Then there are those people we are fortunate to come across, out of all the people in the world, who will touch us deeply, who will leave perfect impressions of themselves in our hearts, like snow angels on a pristine sheet of white. They will share with us so many memories: of laughs, of talks, of tears and fears, of places seen and dreams compared, of silly things and momentous occasions.

Everyone we meet will always change us through these connections; we will not be the same people we were before or afterward because of the feelings and memories, our reactions, good and bad, to the impressions they leave behind. We can’t grow or change without a lifetime of all these people we connect with from these miraculous encounters. And we can never know which ones at first will be the people who will leave snow angels in our hearts.

Jeneane Behme, 2002



4 thoughts on “Snow Angels

    1. Awwwww, you just made me cry! Happy tears, cuz you have made a snow angel in my heart too! That’s also why I wanted you to read it, for your three sweet ladies who took you into their hearts, and you did the same with them, but also because even in just this short a time and even though we have such a huge “pond” between us, you have made a Nirodaigh-sized angel in my heart as well! And that is so cool! 😀

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      1. I could not agree more. Very lovely, fun and special. I have told friends about you, an unexpected gift. (U must forgive me for bit of absence thiese days, focusing on health a lot, but I will return soon!).

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      2. Oh, sweetie, you have made my whole year becoming friends with you! Would it be weird if I said I feel like I have found a soul-sister? I truly, truly hope your health gets better and that you are soon raring to go again! Bless you, sweetie, for being a snow angel in my heart! 🙂

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