Michigan Political Haiku

“Courser and Gamrat’s

false remorse must taste better

than their humble pie.”


Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat are the two rookie tea-party Republican state representatives in Michigan who concocted a bizarre scheme to hide their affair. Recently Courser resigned and Gamrat was expelled from the legislature. Now both of them are attempting to re-gain their seats at the special elections being held for their now vacant posts. Isn’t that the perfect definition of hubris?

“Voters won’t forget which party failed to fix roads the next election.”

The roads throughout Michigan have been badly deteriorating for over a decade and no legislative members nor any governor during this whole time has been able to take this critical issue seriously enough to find fair ways to fix our roads. Since the legislature and the governor have been predominantly Republican during this mess, their proposed solutions have been some combination of increased taxes that would hit the poorest the hardest while not raising taxes of any kind on the people who can better afford it.

The people in Michigan are not stupid nor are they unjust and unfair. If a proposal to fix the roads and spread the costs in a fair, just and equitable way for all was presented, it would be approved in a heartbeat. But when the currently predominant political party constantly puts their party’s ideals above what is good for everyone in the state, then my haiku is a warning for them that in the next elections: their actions will not be forgotten.

Written by Jeneane Behme, September, 2015


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