I Got 2 Haiku Printed in the Newspaper! Yay!

There is a company in Michigan, M-Live, that owns several newspapers in various cities and towns. Apparently they began a little column a few months ago called “News Haikus” and the columnist was urging people to send in haiku about either local, state or national events in the traditional Japanese haiku form.

The traditional haiku form consists of 3 lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the third line has 5 syllables. Normally haiku is about things in nature but you can also write about anything just so long as it is in that format.

I don’t have a subscription to our local paper, The Bay City Times, that is a part of that bigger state-wide newspaper group. I read it though whenever my neighbors are kind enough to let me borrow theirs after they are through with it.

So a few weeks ago I read that column and the haiku that had been printed from people all around our state. The funny thing is, I had started to play around with that haiku form a few months ago!

I then created some that were pertinent to some state and local political issues and e-mailed them in. And not one, but TWO of mine were printed in last Sunday’s newspaper, yay!

The second one printed about Donald Trump was only a part of the whole set of haiku I had ratttled off. I very much dislike Trump so once I got rolling on all the reasons why I dislike him, I couldn’t stop lol! I wasn’t sure if going beyond that 3 line limit was not something you do with a haiku but I thought, what the heck, I will submit the whole thing and see what happens.

I will try and find a link later to that newspaper article and include it in this post if I can. I’m right now trying to do 4 things at once before I have to leave and do a myriad of errands but I was so excited about seeing things I had written printed in a newspaper, I just had to shout it lol!

Thanks to all of you for your friendship and comments and support! You all are so great!

P.S. Well there was not a link that I could put up for you so I will just post here a portion of what was printed in that column. I already posted those haiku under my “Michigan Political Haiku” and “Politically Trumpy Haiku” posts which have further explanations concerning the two disgraced Michigan representatives and their scandal and then the longer sets of haiku concerning Donald Trump.

“And from Jeneane Behme, of Bay City:

‘Courser and Gamrat’s

false remorse must taste better

than their humble pie.’

Behme didn’t want to discuss only Michigan politics, however. She also had something to say about billionaire GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump:

‘With uber ego,

Trump scorches all his critics.

How can Trump lead us?'”

Quoted from “News Haikus”, Sunday, September 27, 2015 column in the “Bay City Times”


15 thoughts on “I Got 2 Haiku Printed in the Newspaper! Yay!

      1. Missed you too! Glad nothing bad has been going on with you. Nah, jI’m okay just a whole bunch of errands and chores and necessary phone calls and then fun stuff like playing Trivia at a bar (and my team won woo hoo!) and then rooting on my daughter, Tara, in an 8 week long karaoke contest.She’s doing great too! She sings like a canary, I sing like a crow lol!

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      2. Her full name is Tara Noreen Behme. Tara after the Hill of Tara as well as the plantation, Tara, in the book and movie, “Gone With the Wind” and then Noreen because it is Irish meaning “light” and it was also the first name of my best friend. I wrote a very funny story that is posted on my blog about names and what happened when Tara came home, stompin’ mad, because Tara spelled backwards is “a rat” lol!

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      3. ah, nice! I’ll definitely have to check that one out! and ‘Gone with the Wind’ – what a great movie, always used to be our family ‘staple’ on Christmas Day, haha, when I was young. Brilliant!!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. fabulous films!! (although personally I was always a bit irritated with JW pulling MoH through the town, even at a young age). But there are some really wonderful, very typically Irish moments, especially the matchmaker horse and trap. So funny!!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Lol, I was always p.o.too at that Neanderthal caveman routine! I always thought, “Wow, if some guy ever tried doing that to me, he’d be walkin’ funny for a few days!” I loved the courting scenes and the speaking of the banns too. And I didn’t know that when that movie was filmed, that that was very true that a brother, in lieu of a father, had a right to say who his sister could marry or not. But then Ireland, compared to other countries, just recently allowed divorces and abortion.

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      6. yup! Ahead on some things, behind on others… not that I’m a huge fan of divorce IF it is something done too quickly, because you’re bored or stuff like that. Particularly when there are children involved. But it was daft not to have it ‘at all’… and yes, haha, I agree. Would like to see the man who’d try dragging me, too… might be the last thing he’d do! 🙂

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      7. My mom told me that when John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara were filming the scene where he drags her from the train station all the way out to the fields where her brother is working, John Wayne deliberately dragged Maureen right through a big pile of manure as a practical joke. It’s not clear on the film if that happened and maybe that was edited out but ewwwww if that was true!

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