The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is for the loyal fans and commenters, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or someone who follows and comments regularly. There are rules of course and here they are. 


Accept the award with thanks. Give your readers 5 facts about you. Nominate other bloggers and let them know. The letting them know part is kind of important because if they miss your nomination post, they will not get their nomination nor will they see that you appreciate them.

I want to sincerely and gratefully thank Maria Job for the very special honor of nominating me. You are such a sweetie and I so enjoy our chats! You are a very classy lady 🙂

My nominations (and appreciation for their support, kindnesses and friendship) for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award are:

  1. Nirodaigh –
  2. Proofreader Hannah –
  3. Huckleberry Friend Universe –
  4. Ana Spoke – (she just had her 1st book printed and up for sale – isn’t that cool?)
  5. Glitchy Artist –
  6. Damyanti –
  7. agenda19892010–

5 Facts About Jeneane Behme:

  1. My favorite color is green…except when it comes to college football teams, specifically the University of Michigan and Michigan State teams. I bleed maize and blue (U of M’s colors) so I “dislike” green only in regards to college football – Michigan State’s team colors are green and white. Go Blue! Go Wolverines!
  2. I am very medically odd (well I’m also odd in many other ways but that’s another story lol!) Over the years, I have caused many doctors to scratch their heads and walk around with very puzzled looks because I have befuddled and confused them with symptoms that do not correspond at all with their medical education and training. I have resorted to explaining the many times that this has happened to my new doctors, who then look at me with understandable cynicism, until it happens to them too. Then I get the weird and odd pleasure of telling them, “Ha! You didn’t believe me, did you? Told you so! Told you so!”  🙂
  3. I can twirl a rifle! Seriously! Well not as good as I could in high school but I can still twirl it for at least 5-6 revolutions without bonking myself on the head. Oh, maybe that’s what’s been wrong with me all of these years lol!
  4. I am not at all crafty or creative in any way, shape or form but for some bizarre reason I can turn cardboard boxes into really neat money envelope containers for weddings and graduation parties. I wish I had a way to take my old Kodak pix and put them online to show you but trust me, the wishing wells and other boxes I have put together were very cool and I got many compliments on them. And then requests from other people to make some for their parties. Those are my one claim to any kind of craft or handiwork creativity. Weird huh?
  5. The worse the weather, the more I like to drive in it. It is an exciting challenge, especially in Michigan in the winter time, to get from Point A to Point B without an accident. I have been ticket free and accident free for over 40 years (parking fines don’t count lol!) so I guess that proves that I’m a good driver…well, it also proves that I have been very successful in evading the police because I’m also a lead-foot too when the weather conditions are good lol. Vroom-vroom!

6 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. This is super perfect. You did Justice to this award. Thank you for the compliments dear. It brings joy to my heart. And you are also very welcome. Green is sort of my fav color if I do have one…haha..and oh pls, keep vrooming the police..hehehehe!! I look forward to check out your nominees blogs as well. Xoxo my wonderful friend. Cheers.

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