A Hint For My Best Halloween Costume EVER! Try and Guess What It Represents!

I will give one hint for my best Halloween costume EVER post a few days ago: what I represent occurs daily.

By the way, my costume had nothing to do with math or college algebra. It just happened to be my math professor who had described for my class what a colleague and his wife had worn to their faculty Halloween party.

It could have very easily have been any of my other college professors who had told us about that neat costume as well, so math, college algebra, college, etc. have nothing to do with the costume.

I was so amused by the description of the original costume that I tried to replicate it as closely as possible several years ago. And what I bought and created and then wore is exactly as I described it in my original post.

And maybe that’s a secret hint: the answer is punnily amusing.

Please post your guess/comment on my original post, thanks!

Good luck everybody!


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