The Answer to What My Best Halloween Costume EVER Represented

I’m not waiting the week as I  first said to reveal the answer since I didn’t get as much interest as I had hoped in trying to figure out what my costume represented.

And perhaps that was my fault: maybe I wrote a confusing account or description of my costume or about the way I had first had that costume described to me by my college professor. If so, I do apologize 😦

Well, my costume represented “High Tide, Low Tide.” That’s why I wore the Tide detergent logo “high” on my shoulders and “low” on my legs.

The fish nets, the many plastic fish, lobsters, shrimp and crabs I had attached all over my costume were just to enhance the ocean theme.

I absolutely love puns, the “groanier” the better! And so when my algebra professor told our class about his colleague and wife’s costumes, the punny aspect of their costume is what tickled me the most.

My costume was almost identical to theirs except that they had found small sample boxes of the Tide detergent and had those attached in the same locations. I was unable to find those same small boxes so I substituted printing off copies of the logo and using those instead.

But my daughter and her family, and my friends and fellow residents of my apartment complex got a big kick out of my costume and so did I!

Unfortunately, I had to just about cut myself out of the costume and I did not have anybody take pictures of me in it before I had removed everything or else I would have posted those with my original post.

But I have my memories and those are almost just as good! 🙂


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