The Lions Won 2 Games in a Row: Be Still My Heart!

How pathetic is it when a fan gets so happy when her football team wins two games in a row? When it’s a Detroit Lions fan, then that is perfectly understandable, right?

But with the kick-ass management decisions that the Lions owner, Martha Firestone Ford, the widow of William Clay Ford, has been making recently, maybe that is one of the reasons why the Lions have been doing some kick-ass of their own on the field.

William Clay Ford, Sr., the long-time solo owner since 1963,  was a gentleman and that is not necessarily the best quality in being the owner of an NFL team. The Detroit Lions, and their fans, have endured many years of blatantly biased officiating and not once did Mr. Ford take the referees or the NFL to task.

If the owner of the team refuses to stick up for his team and allows years and years of that bias to exist and harm the team, then nothing the manager and the coaches can say will remove even the smallest sense of futility from the minds of the players.

Mrs. Ford, on the other hand, has refused to put up with those prejudiced attitudes amongst the referees and from the NFL. She has told them that the Ford Motor Company will pull all of their considerably expensive advertising from airing during all of the games unless the league shapes up their biased attitudes towards the Lions.

She has immediately taken them to task for the obviously bad calls made by the referees and the calls since then have become noticably more equal and just.

Mrs. Ford has also cleaned house in the management of the team and that is a most appreciated difference between her actions and the decades of inaction by her husband. He always put a high price on loyalty. Loyalty is a good thing until the loyal person becomes complacent and inefficient and then becomes something to just dust off every now and then.

It feels like there is a new sense of achievement, drive, and a heightened sense of pride on wearing the Honolulu blue and silver. The Lions are now playing better and that is always a joy to their devoted fans.

So I’m really excited and very much looking forward to the game on Thanksgiving between the Lions and the Philadelphia Eagles rather than feeling like I have to watch the game out of a resigned sense of obligation.

Go Lions! Go Detroit!

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