Today is an “Alexander” Day

When my daughter, Tara, was in elementary school, she would come home with a Scholastic Library book order form every other month. These were relatively inexpensive paperbook books written for her age group and they were meant to encourage reading.

One book I ordered for her long ago had the hilarious title, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” And when Tara finally received her new book, it was just as hilarious as its title had been.

Anyways, Alexander had had one of those days where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong and in the most humorous of ways and consequences.

Tara and I both loved that book so much, that we began calling those kinds of days, “Alexander Days” so if she or I ever mentioned since then that we were having an “Alexander Day”, the other one would know that it was one of those days where too much was going wrong.

Today I’m having an “Alexander Day.” It has been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

Today is my 60th birthday. Now I am just a big kid in an old fart’s body and I will always enjoy celebrating my birthday, hopefully, up to the last one I ever have. Balloons, cake, whatever is done for me, I am a happy kid.

Tara has to work tonight as a karaoke D.J. at a little area bar and we had planned on her picking me up on her way to work and that I would spend the evening karaoking, having a few free birthday drinks, shooting the breeze and cracking jokes.

Unfortunately, I am sick with an upper respiratory infection. Because I have rheumatoid arthritis, which is a disease that compromises its victims’ immune system, I have to be very, very careful whenever I come down with any kind of illness because I can so easily and rapidly go downhill and end up in the hospital with a raging, out-of-control massive infection.

I started feeling kinda sniffy and sneezy a few days ago, but with my many allergies, it was hard to tell if those were kicking up a storm or if I was beginning to get sick with something worse. But I decided to go with the maybe it’s something worse and I stopped taking my R.A. medication as recommended by my rheumatologist and pharmacist.

Last night I began running a low-grade temperature and I woke up coughing and sneezing up copious amounts of gook and just generally feeling like a big diesel truck had run me over a hundred times.

So no birthday bash tonight, rats!

But the “Alexander” day was not through with me yet. My R.A. sometimes mean my fingers and hands don’t work quite right and I have already dropped and broken two juice glasses.

And of course I got a glass splinter while cleaning up the last broken glass and I discovered that I was out of Band-Aids.

Then after that, while I was petting my kitty-cat, Willow, who had sympathetically crawled into my lap and was licking my hand, I sneezed about 6 times in a row and I accidentally poked her in her eye with a finger. Now she’s understandably mad at me and she will not come near me.

After another prolonged sneezing attack, I also discovered that I am now out of Kleenexes so I’m using toilet paper. But I might be running dangerously low of that if I don’t get to a store by tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to me, sigh!

But the good news is that usually “Alexander” days only last one day so tomorrow things should be looking up, yay!

I hope so anyways 🙂









6 thoughts on “Today is an “Alexander” Day

  1. Oh gosh, poor u!! I hope u don’t develop a severe infection!! Crossing fingers and toes for u! hAppy, belated birthday to u. Just enjoy a great celebration soon, when u r feeling better! And maybe do what I am doing this week, as it is my daughter’s birthday on Thursday and mine on Saturday, so we call it ‘birth week’ for both of us and every day is a celebration… Haha. 🎈🍰🎉🎉👯💥💐


    1. Oh thank you so much for the balloons and the birthday cake and the pretty flowers,etc! .

      I’m 50% better than I was on Saturday so hopefully I’m on the upswing of getting better rather than the false hope I have endured before when I crash and get worse again. Normally it takes me 2 weeks to get over an upper respiratory infection where a ‘normal’ person (one without rheumatoid arthritis) can get over the worse of it in less than a week. It sucks because R.A. greatly affects the lungs, heart, eyes, as well as the joints and the immune system 😦

      That is cool that our birthdays are a week apart and that we are both Sagittarians! Enjoy your birth week with your daughter and may you both have spectacular, happy, fun and laugh-filled celebrations! !*!*!* (I think those are supposed to be fireworks but I’m not so sure they look like that lmao!)

      Thank you for the smile you put on my face and the gladness in my heart, Gerie! Take good good care!

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      1. Hi Genie! 🙂 ok, good to hear there is some improvement, I hope, hope, hope it continues as u describe. How difficult it must be for u, living with R.A. And yet u stay so upbeat, cheery and kind. Amazing. Make sure u reward urself regularly for ur bravery and courage, that is my policy. It doesn’t have to be huge, just small things, treats to make urself feel good. Because u r so worth it, and deserve it. I have a lifelong habit of celebrating small, medium and large successes (haha) because I figure there is enuf sadness in the world, so when we can be happy, we darn well should!

        Yes, I also had to smile to think we r both sagittarians! Isn’t that funny? But not so surprising really. 🙂 Fabulous us, haha!!

        Glad I can add something good to ur life, thank u, that is special. Likewise. Good night from across the pond again, or as we say in Dutch, “welterusten”.

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      2. I like your ideas of celebrating even small successes too. I started something with Tara when she was just a tyke of giving “I love you” presents. Nothing big, nothing expensive, just something you have seen or have that you know another person will enjoy a lot. I get a big kick out of giving those out at random times 😀
        Yes we are both fabulous!! I like that Dutch word: welterusten. Good night, sleep tight from Bay City, Michigan!

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