Winter Storm Haiku

The frantic snowflakes nervously dance in the wind, its whim their master.   How can snowflakes, each very light and fragile, bond to be so strong?   Safely secluded, I watch the snowstorm with awe. Its beauty is fierce. Advertisements

Christmas 2015

On Christmas Eve I got up at 8am to have breakfast, take my fistful of pills, shower, feed my kitty, etc., so that I could be at my daughter’s by 10. I was babysitting two of my three granddaughters so that Tara and Justin could finish up their Christmas shopping. Now this is motherly and … More Christmas 2015

The Last “Downton Abbey” Pre-Season Gala Event

On Thursday, December 17, 2015, my daughter, Tara, and I thoroughly enjoyed our first…and our last… Downton Abbey Pre-Season Gala Event hosted by Q-TV, one of our local PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) television channels. I was a late-blooming fan of this wonderful television series created and made in the U.K. (United Kingdom) that began airing … More The Last “Downton Abbey” Pre-Season Gala Event

My Sympathies for the San Bernardino Victims and their Families

I am so horrified, as is the rest of the United States, with the latest terrorist attack in San Bernardino. The pain and suffering and grief that the victims’ families and friends are going through are unimaginable. I have been sending many thoughts of love and support to them since I first heard about this … More My Sympathies for the San Bernardino Victims and their Families