Update on my “Alexander Day”

I’m feeling a wee bit better: the fever has thankfully finally broke, my coughing and sneezing are a little bit less and Willow, my kitty, has forgiven me for accidentally poking her in her eye (and oh boy do I feel so bad about that because that had to hurt, ouch!) and she is being her usual purring and crawling into my lap and licking my hands self again, yay!

Thank you for your wonderfully kind comments and likes for my post. You helped make my “Alexander Day” a lot less Terrible and Horrible šŸ˜€

I will be celebrating my birthday as soon as I’m up to it. One thing I have learned is that the older you get, the longer it takes to recover from a good time šŸ™‚

I will be babysitting my granddaughters tomorrow evening, helping their daddy, Justin, get them all ready for bed so that he can go and cheer on my daughter, Tara, at her Michigan Idol Karaoke Singing Contest Finale at The Stables here in Bay City, MI.

Tara will be singing Journey’s “Separate Ways” and I have heard her rock that out lots of times so I am confident she will do well with it.

The results will be announced after the last singer and I will be very, very surprised if Tara is not in the top 3, and perhaps she will have enough accumulated points to even be the winner.

The contestants had to sing a song 6 out of the last 8 weeks, with the lowest score still being thrown out. The judges have been D.J.s from several of the area’s radio stations and they grade and critique tough but fair…which is a great thing! I have been at some karaoke contests where the winner seems to be picked on looks alone.

Tara has sung “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood, “Turn the Page” by our own Michigan’s Bob Seger, and other songs I now cannot remember. She has done songs from different eras and musical genres, which I think will give her extra points because she has consistently proved that she’s not a one-trick pony.

And the judges have been ecstatic over her singing talents over the weeks for the most part. There was one week she got a bit slammed because her voice was still husky from being sick but I thought it worked well for the song that she did, Melissa Etheridge’s “I’m the Only One.”

So please send lots and lots of good thoughts for Tara at her contest finale tomorrow night, thanks! The winner gets $500 and a local recording contract. Neat, huh?

Go Tara!




4 thoughts on “Update on my “Alexander Day”

    1. Oh she can sing like a canary! She was in choir in high school and I got her a voice teacher for a year and she learned a lot from her, as well as from her choir director. Thanks, I will update as soon as I get back home – their internet connection is being problematic at the moment. I do not have a smart phone either but I do have a “stupid” phone lol. It makes and receives calls and texts but that is all I really need šŸ™‚

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