Tara’s Karaoke Finale Results

Tara didn’t win, she didn’t even place amongst the top 4, and all of the judges raved about her Journey (the band) song that she did.

They all three told her that they had all been so impressed that every week she alone took so many chances singing different genres and types of music and did them all spectacularly well. And that whenever they had minor critiques, she was the only contestant who took them seriously and made improvements on what they wanted to hear from her every week.

The winner was a 19 year old skinny babe who only sang country music songs and in my humble opinion, she was okay, but nothing to write home about. She hit a lot of clunkers and off-notes a lot.

But she was young and cute and although Tara is very pretty, with a powerful voice and great stage presence, she’s 32, so don’t ask me what the hell happened.

All of the judges, except one, were from country music radio stations so I don’t know if that made them more partial to singers doing primarily country music or what.

A guy who came in 3rd, who was a razzle-dazzle dude who did bring a lot of energy to his karaoke performances, brought a back-up dancer tonight to the finale. I really was not surprised that he placed in the top 3 because he was always good too and he really got the crowd going with each week.

I asked Tara if maybe she should have had a guy stripper behind her, if that would have helped, and she cracked up laughing!

She’s really bummed because throughout this whole long ordeal the judges have been praising her and praising her, more than the other contestants just about every week. So it seems misleading, I guess. Was the praise fake? I don’t know.

I wasn’t sure if she would win but I sure as heck expected, based on the weeks of praise from all of the judges, that she would be in the top 3 at least. And there was another gal, a bit older than Tara, who I personally thought was just absolutely spot on every week and she didn’t even place in the top 4 either!

So we are all scratching our heads in puzzlement as to what did the judges really want.

But it is now after 4 in the morning and I’m emotionally and physically drained. I made the mistake of getting to Tara and Justin’s place a bit late and me and the kids were romping around and I got them too hyped up and they had difficulty getting to sleep. My bad, I know, but we had such fun! But I paid for it lol!

Then I had to comfort Tara and I made her laugh when I told her I was contemplating calling the police because she got robbed. That poor kid! I know she was expecting to place a lot higher like I was expecting.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and comments and good wishes! Tara appreciated everything too and sends her thanks as well!




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