I Wish You All Peace

During these special holiday times, I wish you all peace and contentment and safe journeys for you and yours. And not just during these days, but year-round as well.

One wish I would like to have is for each and every one of us to always stay focused, every day, on the truth that every single human on this earth is united, not divided, in so many ways.

We each laugh, we each cry, we each bleed if we are cut, we all love our children, we all love our families, we all feel anger sometimes, we all blush sometimes too. We all eat, sleep, play, work, learn, do, try.

We all are so much alike! We all have so many things in common! The labels that we put on ourselves and on others only divide us so why do we continue to do that?

Does it really matter if you are brown and I am white? Does it really matter if she is Catholic and he is pagan? Does it really matter if he is straight and she is gay?

No. It doesn’t matter.

The brown person eats like I do, the Catholic person sleeps like the pagan does, the straight person dreams like the gay person does.

The labels are irrelevant. They only divide us, especially when we need the most to feel united with everybody else.

Please believe this. Please have peace. Please.

Hands on a globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis




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