Winter Storm Haiku

The frantic snowflakes

nervously dance in the wind,

its whim their master.


How can snowflakes,

each very light and fragile,

bond to be so strong?


Safely secluded,

I watch the snowstorm with awe.

Its beauty is fierce.



3 thoughts on “Winter Storm Haiku

  1. I like this Haiku..that picture of the tree covered in snow is perfectttt. did you take the shot? Welcome to 2016, was searching for your mail to wish you a happy new year, realised i dont have it so came over here to wish you and all yours a happy new year, am yet to try your daughter’s potato thanksgiving recipe, will sure take a photo when i do. Cheerios…Muuuuuuah!!

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    1. Thanks sweetie, glad you liked my Haiku but no, sadly I did not take that photo; wish I could take great pix but I can’t so I “borrow” them from the Internet lol! Happy New Year 2016 to you too! Sorry I’ve been so, so busy with new year’s celebrations, snowstorms, temperatures with the wind-chill factor of below zero farenheit (in other words bone-chilling cold within seconds brrrrr!) and other stuff going on. Hope you have had a great New Year Celebration and that your year is going great so far too! XOXOXOXO!!!

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