My Super Bowl Prediction

Well since my Lions this year failed miserably again, sigh, I don’t really have anything for or against either the Broncos or the Panthers…but I think the Panthers will win. I also think that this will be a great, close game with the lead going back and forth but that the Panthers will prevail in the end.

I think the Panthers will have the slight edge both defensively and offensively over the Broncs. I also think Cam will be hungrier for the win too, more than Peyton, as good and competitive as he is.

But I think, at least I hope, that the game is a nail-biter. I hate it when the Super Bowl is just about over with at half-time.

Enjoy the game everybody!

P.S. Hoo-boy, was I wrong! The Denver Broncos won 24-10 over the Carolina Panthers but I thought it was a good game. I was very, very disappointed with the Panthers’ performance, especially with their quarterback, Cam Newton, but I think him and his team will be back again in another Super Bowl.



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