It’s Been Awhile…

It has been quite awhile since I’ve been able to read your posts or post anything new here and I am really sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with what has been happening with my WordPress friends.

I started developing a painful spot on my upper right thigh just before Christmas that slowly grew into a bigger and bigger inflamed area. Some of you may know that I have been long, long over-due for my right knee to be replaced because it is just bone on bone: no protective cartilege or lubricating synovial fluid left in that poor messed up knee since I was hurt at my last job.

Unfortunately with the problems and illnesses of my mom that eventually culminated in her death in November of 2014, along with my heart attack in October of that same year (and I had to be on blood-thinners for a year after that which meant that I could not have the knee replacement surgery done until October, 2015 at the earliest), all of those situations have been preventing me from having my knee replaced.

So I’ve been limping and gimping along until I could get my health insurance and my actual health taken care of to have that very necessary surgery done. We all make jokes about the extremely loud crunching and crackling noises my knee will often make. And I have a new nickname now: Captain Crunch πŸ˜€

But as that spot grew larger and more painful, it became too difficult for me to sit at my computer, as well as to even get a good night’s sleep, so checking in on my blogs and my blogging friends became impossible.

I was pretty sure that that very painfully inflamed area on my right thigh was most likely due to my limping and gimping. I set up a referral to see my orthopedic surgeon for the knee replacement surgery and to also see what the heck is that imflamed area.

He took X-rays of both my right knee and that spot on my right thigh. As I figured, my right knee was a heckuva lot worse than the last time I had seen him but he was more concerned about that swollen area.

My doctor said it may be a benign lipoma, a mass or tumor in the lipid or fat parts of the muscles in my thigh, so he scheduled me for an M.R.I. (magnetic resonance imaging) test.

Based on the results of that test, my doctor determined that I have bursitis in that area. Bursitis is another word for an inflamed, swollen, painful area, usually around joints, but sometimes in other tissues. That spot is a direct cause from my limping and gimping because of my bad knee and the treatment for that bursitis is rest, ibuprofin, cortisone shots and ice packs.

My bursitis is responding well to those treatments, I’m not as sleep-deprived and I will be having the knee replacement surgery done as soon as possible, yay!

But even though I’ve been neglecting my blogs and my blogging friends because I’ve been in so much pain and have been sleep-deprived until recently, I have tried hard to not let that slow me down too much in other ways.

I will be blogging soon about our recent adventures at the Saginaw Children’s Museum for my granddaughter Charlotte’s 2nd birthday, our great time at the huge Bay City annual St. Patrick’s Parade, and about the time this summer that I took my granddaughters to the River of Time history festival along the Saginaw River that was so much fun.

There has been a lot of progress, both good and bad, about the renovations being done in my apartment building, and of course, I’ve still kept up my fascination with the political drama in both the Democratic and Republican nomination process. And I’m bursting to write about all of that before I go under the knife…again.

Oh and I did manage one evening recently to get out and play in a Trivia Contest and the team I hooked up with won! I won $20, woo hoo! Not bad for 3 hours of hard thinking and laughs, right?

So I hope everybody is doing well and I am looking forward to catching up on all of your posts and your news.

Take good, good care everybody!





14 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile…

      1. Oh no, sweetie, I’m so sorry to hear about your bad luck! I miss our chats too! I haven’t been able to go through your so intelligent and humorous past posts yet; my daughter and granddaughters have been sick with a nasty, nasty upper respiratory infection but I will asap. I’m glad you are back up and running too and I hope that your bad luck will cease to exist πŸ˜€


  1. Good to hear from you again. (My knees crunch and click, too, but so far they’re not too painful. Touchwood.) I’m looking forward to reading your next posts, and your updates on the political drama.

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    1. Ah so you are a Captain Crunch too πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to not hearing those super loud noises again lol! Thanks for your comment and I will be, hopefully, posting more stuff before I go under the knife. I don’t have a laptop or a smart phone so it will be too difficult for me for several weeks to sit down at my PC to go on WordPress. Maybe I could borrow my daughter’s laptop, hmmm πŸ™‚

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      1. Yeah I don’t like laptops either; I like having an easy-to-use mouse. But for the 4-6 weeks until I can comfortably sit at my desk and use my PC, my daughter’s laptop will be very convenient. I like having my nice big screen too and that’s why I’ll never have a “smart” phone either lol.

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