Sometimes We Just Have to Laugh at Ourselves

My daughter and granddaughters have been sick with bad colds this past week so I’ve been checking up on them, usually by texts, every day to see if they need anything, etc.

I am 60 years old and I know of many acronyms and text shorthands or whatever you call those specialized abbreviations but there are some that I have never heard of before. I found out about another new one today while texting Tara. I will let you in on the laughs as I post our mutual texts verbatim.

Me: How u doing? Hope those (memes regarding “Birdie Sanders”) made u smile and feel better.

Tara: Still feel like crud. But it made me smile.

Me: Darn was hoping u were better. Wil u be ok 4 Dbl Js? (Tara works as a DJ/Karaoke host at Double J’s tavern on Saturday nights.)

Tara: Gonna have to be

Me: Yikes wel pls (please) take ur Advil with u and I wb (will be) sending good thots 2 u all nite. Xoxo!

Tara: Thots?? I don’t want thots mom. I have enough problems…

Me: What did that mean?  I was being sympathetic! Thots means thoughts as in txt shorthand. Like I wb (will be) sending hopes that u r ok asap.

Tara: Um thot stands for That Hoe Over There. Thots is, well, a herd of hoes. No thanks.

Me: Wel I didn’t know that. R u sure a herd of hoes with creative and funny come hithers wldnt (wouldn’t) make u laugh and feel better ;D

Tara: This is sooooo going on Facebook lmfaooooo

Me: Good I made u laugh…at my ignorance 😀

Tara: LMFAO best text everrrrr

Me: It’s 2 damn hard 2 type out thoughts on my cell and there ain’t no adequate other word 4 thoughts lol.

Me: At least I was trying 2 send u good thots instead of bad 1s that rob u and beat u up or give u STDs lmao!

Tara: Lmao!!!

So, my friends, what have we learned today? That “thots” means a herd of whores, aka hoes! Who knew? Apparently I didn’t! 😀






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