Tara and Mom’s Not-So Excellent Adventure

Pardon the reference to the 1989 movie “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” but that movie title just seemed so hilariously appropriate for what happened to me and my daughter, Tara, Saturday night, May 21, 2016. I had watched the Preakness horse race earlier that evening, disappointed that my horse, Nyquist, had only come in third … More Tara and Mom’s Not-So Excellent Adventure

The Second Jewel in the Triple Crown Horse Race Series

The Preakness, the second jewel in the Triple Crown horse racing series, will be run later today, May 21, 2016. And I’m predicting that Nyquist, who won the Kentucky Derby two weeks ago, will win the Preakness and then it’s on to the last race, the Belmont, the last jewel in the Triple Crown. Post … More The Second Jewel in the Triple Crown Horse Race Series

Nyquist Wins the Kentucky Derby!!

I predicted April 30, 2016 in my post “More Six Word Stories”,  https://jeneanebehmeswritings.wordpress.com/2016/04/30/more-six-word-stories/, that Nyquist would win the 1-1/4 mile Kentucky Derby and he did!!! He ran a beautiful swift race and I’m not ashamed to say that I was screaming and yelling and crying when Nyquist was the first under the wire. It has … More Nyquist Wins the Kentucky Derby!!

Searching For Quotes and Bible Verses – A 50 Word Story

When people search for quotes to justify their self-indulgent bullshit, they are no better than “Christians” nit-picking Bible verses to justify their prejudiced beliefs. Neither advances their learning or self-awareness so they glory in continuing their narrow-minded thinking and behavior. They’re never wrong; their searches say they are always right.