Melania Trump’s Republican Party Convention Speech

After Melania Trump gave her speech last night at the Republican Party Convention in support of her husband, Donald Trump, the Internet blew up with charges that she (and whoever “helped” her write her speech) plagiarized Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic Party Convention speech.

One of the best and funniest comment on this whole fiasco was posted on the CBS News’ web page by commentator, Strangeworld:

“There once was a girl named Melania,

Who got caught up in all the Trump-mania,

Her speech was a wrap,

Then it all went to crap,

When they found out she had kleptomania.”

To decide for yourself whether or not Melania Trump did or did not plagiarize from Michelle Obama, go to this link for more information about the vast similarity between the two speeches:

College professors across the United States, including some area professors that were interviewed on several local news shows, have said that Melania Trump’s speech was definitely a plagiarism. Several have also stated that if any of their students had turned in a paper with even a few less instances of plagiarism, they would have received an automatic Failing grade and a guaranteed trip to the college’s student advisors’ office.

My personal opinion is oh, hell yeah, several parts of Melania Trump’s speech were taken almost verbatim from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. And despite several Republicans’ claims that those parts were so generic and could have also been attributed to something that Sparkle, a My Little Pony, said (which, duh, isn’t that still plagiarism since a paid writer penned those words for Sparkle?), plagiarism is plagiarism is plagiarism.

But then, considering how many lies Donald Trump has told, the twisted facts, the gross exaggerations, the manipulations of rules and laws, the cheating of so many people that he has been involved in over 4,000 lawsuits over the past few decades, I think I would be surprised if anybody associated with Trump DIDN’T cheat!

I also think it’s sad that Melania Trump has now been personally embroiled in yet another Donald Trump controversy. I do not believe that she intentionally meant to plagiarize but whoever helped her surely did her no favors by so obviously using Michelle Obama’s speech just about word-for-word.

But I also believe that that attitude of winning at whatever-the-cost, the lying, cheating, bullshitting, exaggeration, manipulative behavior that Donald Trump has used since the 1970’s, permeates throughout anybody and any organization that is involved with Donald Trump. And that he actively encourages people to do all of those kinds of heinous actions, and will continue to do so if Americans are stupid enough to give that con-artist the keys to the White House in November.






4 thoughts on “Melania Trump’s Republican Party Convention Speech

    1. This is the craziest Presidential election I have EVER seen and I’ve been interested in politics for over 45 years! I believe that Trump is truly mentally-ill and he would be dangerous for America…and the world…if he gets elected President but I really do believe that Americans would not be that stupid to do so. I hope!

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