Donny Boy: My Ode To Donald Trump

Donny Boy (sung to the melody of “Danny Boy”)

Oh Donny Boy, the courts, the courts are calling,

from east to west and down the country side.

Your wallets gone and all your polls are dying.

Tis you, tis you must go and you must hide.


Your oft told lies have now come back to haunt you,

and your thin skin is showing more and more.

Building a wall won’t help you get elected,

unless you put it in front of your own mouth.


Oh Donny Boy, Putin and pals cannot help you,

not when it’s you that will sink you every time.

Those unpaid bills have hit with such a vengeance.

Tis you, tis you must pay that piper’s call.


Insulting others, you leave the door wide open

to be harshly treated the same by them in kind.

Crying foul makes all think you are childish.

November 8th will be here ‘fore you learn.


Oh Donny Boy, you’ve cheated many people,

with boastful claims of easy gained new wealth.

You took their money and now they all are mad at you.

Tis you, tis you that will be poorer yet.


We need a leader who won’t be such a whiner,

a bully who exaggerates with ease.

It won’t be you who’s going to be our President.

Please don’t scream when voting makes you fired.


Just don’t come back when Clinton’s in the White House

and when she’s winning her second time for sure.

Your dreams won’t be in sunshine but in shadows.

Oh Donny Boy, oh Donny boy, we hate you so!







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