The 2016 Rio Olympics Sculptures

At the 2016 Rio Olympics a long standing tradition of giving small bouquets of flowers to the medal winners has been discontinued, and instead, the winners are given small 3-D sculptures of the official Rio Olympics logo.

The Rio Olympics officials decided that since the traditional bouquets of cut flowers soon die, they would give the medal winners something more lasting as a keepsake.  The sculptures also serve a practical function as being a holder for the Olympics medals. But this break with tradition has caused a bit of controversy on the internet.

Some people have called the sculptures tacky and shitty looking and that they look like they came from a McDonald’s Happy Meal box. Others think they look cool.

I think they look cool too and I think that the Rio Olympics officials who decided to forego with the soon-to-die bouquets of flowers made a great decision. I also like that the sculptures serve a practical function as well.

Most of the Olympian medal winners did immediately toss those bouquets of flowers away as soon as they left the awards ceremonies. If they were kept, like all cut flowers, they soon wilted and died and became shriveled stems of brown things that soon fell apart.

So why not give a keepsake to the Olympic medal winners that is more lasting, more practical and something uniquely Rio? Some traditions are okay to do away with and the bouquet of flowers was one of them. Plus I hope that this new tradition is maintained with all of the future Olympics.

Here’s a nice picture of the Rio Olympics sculptures so that you can decide for yourself. Is the sculpture cool or is it tacky? Should the bouquets of flowers tradition be kept or should this be a new trend for future Olympics?

olympic medal holders





2 thoughts on “The 2016 Rio Olympics Sculptures

    1. I also liked the bouquets of flowers too before this Rio Olympics; they were much better than the head wreaths of laurel leaves that were traditionally given to Olympics winners in some of the earliest of the modern Olympics. But when I heard that in many previous Olympics most of the athletes tossed away those flowers immediately after their awards ceremony, I thought well heck, that’s a big waste of flowers and money for buying all of those flowers and then paying people to put together the bouquets just to have them thrown right away. That’s why I thought these Rio Olympic sculptures were a better idea. I haven’t heard that those sculptures were being thrown away like most of those bouquets of flowers, but if they are, then maybe future Olympics should go back to the bouquets. But keep in mind that the bouquets of flowers were once not traditional but became so and maybe little sculptures will become the new tradition now.

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