Voting in America’s 2016 Elections

If you haven’t already registered to vote, and are eligible to do so, please do so immediately because all of the elections this year, from the Presidential and Congressional elections to your local and state elections are extremely important.

I am a long-time firm believer that consistent voting, not just in Presidential elections, but in all national, state, and local issues, is not just something we should take for granted or rarely do, but that voting is each American citizen’s solemn duty and responsibility.

I am also a firm believer that voting intelligently, making researched, informed and educated decisions about who and what to vote for, is also each American’s duty and responsibility.

There is no excuse, NONE! for the kind of voter apathy that I have seen increase in my 42 years of voting record. Maybe politics bores you to tears, maybe the increase in the divisive and insult-driven campaigns angers you to not want to vote. But whatever anybody’s reasons are for not voting is never, ever good enough, in my humble opinion.

Men and women have fought for, and died for, in creating our great country and in securing the freedoms we enjoy. Voting is our responsibility in ensuring that those freedoms and rights continue and voting is only a tiny partial re-payment of what all of those courageous people have done for us.

I raised my daughter, Tara, to understand that she always has a duty and a responsibility to be a part of our great country by being a well-informed, educated and consistent voter, in every election at every level: local, state and national.

Tara grew up listening to many interesting political debates, she went with me when I campaigned for people, she helped me with a friend’s unsuccessful bid to become a Michigan state representative, and she grew up with a heightened sense of the history of our country, and of the many branches of our family’s long-time roles in the shaping of our country and what every American citizen needs to do to be a part of the continued success of our country.

And now that she has children of her own, she is also immersing them in the same way and even though there have been times we have not politically seen eye-to-eye on our views, I am always so very proud of Tara for taking her duties and responsibilities as a parent and as a citizen seriously.

If you have never, or rarely, done your civic duty by voting, you forfeit any right to complain about what our government does, or doesn’t do, that displeases you. If you feel that our government doesn’t listen to your concerns, then change it! Vote in people you believe will listen to you!

We, the people, are the government and the government is we, the people. Our government is only as strong as our people remain involved. America can only remain strong, and free, if we do our duty and responsibility as citizens and VOTE!

Elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. On November 9, I hope to hear from all of my American friends that yes, they did vote.

Make me proud of you!






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