When I had only been married a few months, my husband’s aunt, knowing how much I loved cats, told us that her cat had just had kittens. And if we wanted, we could pick one out. I was overjoyed! The last cat I had ever had was Catrina, who had been killed by a car … More Kitty


I bought Zorro from the PetSmart store in March of 1997 with the money given to me for a favor done for a neighbor. Zorro definitely lived up to the name of that store: he was one smart pet. Zorro was 10 months old when we bought him and he was a beautiful, sleek, all-black … More Zorro


Our first pet when I was about 6 years old was a cute kitten named Bootsy. He was gray with 4 perfectly matching white boots, hence his name. Unfortunately, my brothers and I only got to enjoy him for just a few short months until my dad accidentally ran him over and killed him in … More Frisky


Two weeks after Frisky’s death, our neighbors, who lived on Elms Rd. across several vacant meadowed acres, called us kids to come over and look at their newly born kittens. Those neighbors had heard through the grapevine that we had just lost our beloved Frisky. They had a white female cat that I had seen … More Catrina


Tabby cat leaping, little tiger with her prey. She chomps doomed fly, pleased. Night skies’ diamonds play peek-a-boo with the clouds, gossamer twinkles. Whom I love, I trust. If trust has fled, is there hate? Or has love died too? Read one more, Nana. Little head nestled so close. This is happiness. Glass-packs rumble loud, … More Haiku