Winter Storm Haiku

The frantic snowflakes nervously dance in the wind, its whim their master.   How can snowflakes, each very light and fragile, bond to be so strong?   Safely secluded, I watch the snowstorm with awe. Its beauty is fierce.

More Haiku for Paris

Paris, you are strong! The terrorists will not win. Hold your head up high! The U.S. loves you, we will always support you, help you to fight back. The world cries with you, shares your awful pain and grief, your losses are ours. Fly your flag so proud! Show those bombers you’re in charge They … More More Haiku for Paris

More Haiku

1. Why would a parent choose diseases when a shot would keep their child safe? 2. News Haikus are great! It’s fun to choose the topics then count syllables. Written by Jeneane Behme, October 2015