My Klutzy Adventures

I am a well-known klutz. I was apparently a breech baby when I was born. That means that I gave the world my best profile and came into it with my butt first. Or as I often say, “I was born ass-backwards and I’ve been ass-backwards ever since!” I tried ballet and tap dance classes … More My Klutzy Adventures

Corky the Dog Slut

Noreen, a long-ago best friend, adopted a cute, little, black curly-haired female cockipoo dog who had been cruelly abandoned and dropped off near her Burton, MI apartment shortly before Christmas, 1975. She named the dog “Corky Christmas Found” and the name was almost bigger than the dog. Corky and Noreen mutually adored each other from … More Corky the Dog Slut

Drinking With Noreen

I was 19 when I began working at Michigan Bell as a switchboard operator and another co-worker, Noreen Bonasse, and I soon became friends. Noreen was five years older than me, in the process of divorcing her first husband, Tom, at the time we met and she had her own apartment. She seemed so much … More Drinking With Noreen