Betting With Toby

Toby’s still da man and a great football guru. Seven points the plan but the Lions still fell through. They gave me high hopes and bad moments of despair. But bruised faith still copes while I’m pulling out my hair. Had crow for dinner and sadly mailed off my dough. Toby’s the winner but I’m … More Betting With Toby

Women’s Rights

No man should force us to conceive, no religion should force us to believe that women are a baby factory with no free will of their own. So stop beating us with your Bible Belt just to stifle women’s voices. Our rights and futures you cannot pelt so you can control-freak our choices. Jeneane Behme, … More Women’s Rights

Emotional Garbage

Every person carries emotional garbage. It consists of both garbage unfairly given to them by other people and garbage we each create. It’s just the amount of trash and what they do with it that varies from person to person. Some people try to compost their garbage into positive things such as good lessons learned, … More Emotional Garbage


Tabby cat leaping, little tiger with her prey. She chomps doomed fly, pleased. Night skies’ diamonds play peek-a-boo with the clouds, gossamer twinkles. Whom I love, I trust. If trust has fled, is there hate? Or has love died too? Read one more, Nana. Little head nestled so close. This is happiness. Glass-packs rumble loud, … More Haiku


We met you both in the park, a beautiful day in spring. My friend and I on a lark, a red car you were driving. Your best friend was there with you and you seemed so cute and nice. “Wanna ride with us you two?” Jan and I didn’t think twice. Who was gonna sit … More Stolen