Searching For Quotes and Bible Verses – A 50 Word Story

When people search for quotes to justify their self-indulgent bullshit, they are no better than “Christians” nit-picking Bible verses to justify their prejudiced beliefs. Neither advances their learning or self-awareness so they glory in continuing their narrow-minded thinking and behavior. They’re never wrong; their searches say they are always right.

Guernica – The Symbol of Democracy

Why was Guernica considered a special place? Guernica had long been the center, historically and spiritually, of the Basques in Spain. Guernica had also been known around the world as a town steeped in the tradition of harmonious politics. In addition to those reasons, the bombing and destruction Guernica received during Spain’s Civil War seemed … More Guernica – The Symbol of Democracy

Random Thoughts While Creating My Commonplace Book Blog

It always pleases me whenever I read through my commonplace book (by the way, a commonplace book is somebody’s personal collection of quotes, sayings, witticisms, even graffiti) that I think I’ve collected some pretty cool quotes over the past almost 50 years. There are some that still make me laugh so hard or groan with … More Random Thoughts While Creating My Commonplace Book Blog