Tara and Mom’s Not-So Excellent Adventure

Pardon the reference to the 1989 movie “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” but that movie title just seemed so hilariously appropriate for what happened to me and my daughter, Tara, Saturday night, May 21, 2016. I had watched the Preakness horse race earlier that evening, disappointed that my horse, Nyquist, had only come in third … More Tara and Mom’s Not-So Excellent Adventure

The PEZ Easter Egg Hunt – Where Kids Learned the Wrong Lessons

PEZ Candy USA tried to hold a fun Easter Egg Hunt Saturday in Connecticut that turned into yet another sad lesson for many children on how not to behave…lessons served to them by their own parents. There were 3 areas for different age groups with staggered times for each age group. There were 10,000 eggs … More The PEZ Easter Egg Hunt – Where Kids Learned the Wrong Lessons

Valentine’s Day 2016

While my daughter, Tara, and her boyfriend, Justin, enjoyed a much-deserved and needed date night, I babysat 2 of my 3 granddaughters on Valentine’s Day. Tara and Justin have had a rough time so far this year, as I had mentioned in a previous post, “Can We Have a Wednesday Re-do Please?” https://jeneanebehmeswritings.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/can-we-have-a-wednesday-re-do-please/ Their only … More Valentine’s Day 2016

Christmas 2015

On Christmas Eve I got up at 8am to have breakfast, take my fistful of pills, shower, feed my kitty, etc., so that I could be at my daughter’s by 10. I was babysitting two of my three granddaughters so that Tara and Justin could finish up their Christmas shopping. Now this is motherly and … More Christmas 2015

The Last “Downton Abbey” Pre-Season Gala Event

On Thursday, December 17, 2015, my daughter, Tara, and I thoroughly enjoyed our first…and our last… Downton Abbey Pre-Season Gala Event hosted by Q-TV, one of our local PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) television channels. I was a late-blooming fan of this wonderful television series created and made in the U.K. (United Kingdom) that began airing … More The Last “Downton Abbey” Pre-Season Gala Event