I Got 2 Haiku Printed in the Newspaper! Yay!

There is a company in Michigan, M-Live, that owns several newspapers in various cities and towns. Apparently they began a little column a few months ago called “News Haikus” and the columnist was urging people to send in haiku about either local, state or national events in the traditional Japanese haiku form. The traditional haiku … More I Got 2 Haiku Printed in the Newspaper! Yay!

Michigan Political Haiku

“Courser and Gamrat’s false remorse must taste better than their humble pie.” Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat are the two rookie tea-party Republican state representatives in Michigan who concocted a bizarre scheme to hide their affair. Recently Courser resigned and Gamrat was expelled from the legislature. Now both of them are attempting to re-gain their … More Michigan Political Haiku